Kickass comfort dogs and women

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper in his never ending harangue about the local newspaper filling space without having to spend money on reporters, noted a long account of “comfort dogs” being used in courtrooms around the country.  The story said there was a trend to use dogs to calm and comfort prosecution witnesses.

The keeper said he hopes there is no connection to the “comfort women” concept put into play by the Japanese during WW II, as they occupied countries and forced the women into prostitution to “comfort” the military.

Kickass is not going to apply for a courtroom “comfort” job, but he agrees with the keeper that some of the people cycling in and out of the White House might want to get “comfort” dogs of their own, and make sure that they—the dogs, were not somehow trained by the Orange Narcissist in the manner of the “comfort women.”

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