Kickass concealed brain carry

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is obvious the Repubs’ idea of “concealed carry” does not apply to guns but to brains, and they—brains were obviously either concealed or not carried at the recent OPAC meeting in Maryland where the Orange Narcissist (ON) spoke for an hour and fifteen minutes and got the most applause by praising the 2nd amendment and leading a “Lock her up” chant from the assembled FMs—Tillerson’s word usage in describing the ON..

Kickass says if he had been invited to speak at the OPAC gangbang he would have explained how essential it is for all the members to get jumbo sized pooper-scoopers to pick up after their gun industry fans in the NRA, and after the ON, of course.

Kickass will be spending the remainder of the day meditating on how cats got litter-boxes and dogs have to go outside.,


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