Kickass country dogs and town dogs


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there is little if any difference between town dogs and country dogs, but the keeper says that is–or at least was not the case back when the keeper was a country kid in a small town high school where the town kids dominated.  Much of this was only in the keeper’s shaky self image, but some of it was painfully true, and some forms of it have matured into the outrageous situation recently exposed by the Journal Sentinel: while Wisconsin farmers are going bankrupt and out of business at an alarming rate and some of their kids are on assisted lunch programs, a thing called Dairy Management Inc, an Illinois based non-profit, government sanctioned and farmer-financed entity charged with promoting the dairy industry pays ten of its top executives an average of $800,000 per year.  The money comes from the 15 cents per hundred weight of milk that farmers pay.  How’s that for the town kids taking advantage of the “dumb” farmers!  And how’s that for showing how a newspaper can perform the kind of service that may or may not be enough to keep the old democratic jalopy going down the road for a few more miles!

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