Kickass Cruise Investigation

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has been named to head the investigation into the keeper’s river cruise that ran aground and had to be rescued by various salvage crews.

In the accompanying photo, the piano-playing dog Boo is surveying the scene and will be the chief witness called to relate the state of affairs that led to the fiasco.  In her preliminary statement she indicated that it was very nice to be out on the river with all of the wild things, but then Alliant Energy turned the river off at the Sauk-Prairie dam and you can’t float on sand.  There will be legal action.

In the other photo the Keeper’s son Mike meditates while Beau and Jeremy fumble with rope and knots in a futile refloating effort.

Kickass will be questioning all parties, and expects to have definitive results by Sept. 11 when the keeper will celebrate his 86th birthday by launching the pontoon boat on Madison’s Lake Mendota.

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