Kickass cruising the rivers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper came down off the high plateau of a family wedding by traveling the Great River Road with daughter Pat, along the Mississippi where they stopped to salute the young Indian woman who jumped to her death off Maiden Rock rather than marry someone she didn’t love.

It being a great day for Sunday relaxation and making leisurely but wise gourmet-type decisions, after the Mississippi, there was a stop in Prairie du Chien for “Pete’s” watery-but-good hamburgers and then up the Wisconsin River on Highway 60 where, if you are driving and can’t resist looking at the river there are many places where you could end up in it.

So no Maiden Rock jumper to end this wedding weekend: just a beautiful cruise along the rivers on a Sunday afternoon, highlighted by Pete’s hamburgers.  Life is good.   .



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