Kickass / day 4

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the fourth day report of the keeper and Phyllis’ mountain /glacier quest for travel happiness, with the information that transitioning from a vibrating upper – bunk closet on Amtrak to a luxurious downtown Vancouver Hotel greatly improved their sleep deprived moods.
Making that change included a cramped five – hour bus ride and a border – crossing where a business – like black dog decided they smelled OK to enter Canada. (with cannabis stores all over Vancouver the black dog was obviously not trying to sniff out pot)
From their spacious Pan Pacific Hotel room the keeper and Phyllis look down on cruising birds-including an American eagle, a huge shipping container loading dock, and the dock where the Holland America Zuiderdam wait for them to board and head up the inside passage to find glaciers.
First however, there is a Covid test. Canada is not easy. It demands that a dog sniffs you out, and then it puts a stick up your nose, before welcoming you into the country of cold winters and warm hearts.

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