Kickass day of Facebook Russian

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is hoping that with the testimony today before congress, somebody from Facebook will reveal how a Russian agent came through the internet via Facebook and is now hiding in the keeper’s tractor shed.  As one who misspent his “working” years with newspapers back in the days when, if you made up stuff and tried to pass it off as the truth you were out on your ass, the keeper is damn curious as to how a medium that was touted as simply a way to stay in touch with Aunt Hazel or the kids in Minneapolis, has become a major conduit for Russian riff-raff and endless ads for impotence cures.

The keeper does not want the Russian in his tractor shed.  His neighborhood is not zoned for spies and the Russian is demanding an expensive diet high in sturgeon eggs.  Also, the Russian obviously belongs to Facebook and if Facebook does not come and claim him very soon he will be taken to the rescue shelter and put up for adoption.  Somebody in Washington might want him.

So it is tricks or treat time, Facebook: come and get the Russian or the keeper will never ever again look at any of your junk that is labeled “sponsored.”



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