Kickass deals with Sen. Johnson

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper hesitates to complain, but on the heels of explaining the McConnell system of justice whereby guilty means not guilty, now comes the demand for him to help Wisconsin residents deal with Sen. Johnson’s plan for seeing the Jan. 6 horrible armed insurrection of the Capital as a walk in the park.

Johnson says not enough guns were confiscated to qualify the JAN. 6 event as “armed;” and he adds that the former narcissistic POTUS had nothing to do with it, as substantiated by Johnson’s Ukrainian friend who told him Hillary’s was behind it all.

(The keeper pauses here to warn that tears are dangerous in sub-zero weather and crying over having a US senator who is dumber than a boiled egg should be avoided.)

Johnson is the latest example of Wisconsin voters electing representation that is contrary to their own interests and to the State’s basic decency. Tiffany, Voss, Fitzgerald and Grothman are other political narcissists who have gerrymandered, money-controlled grips on offices that respond largely to the two-percent.

The keeper suggests that Johnson is the kind of abject embarrassment that may encourage the rest of the country to forget Wisconsin’s—“no sense of decency” Joe McCarthy.  That is small consolation, so Kickass adds that in the interests of mental health, Wisconsin residents should think about the fact that President Joe Biden is visiting Milwaukee today.








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