Kickass decency example

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper’s mental well being, always a shaky deal, was greatly improved this morning by forgoing any of the political bull and listening to a UW TV series lecture by Rich Beilfuss, the head bird at the International Crane Foundation near Baraboo.

Beilfuss and a lot of people like him exemplify what it means, or should mean to be a member of the human race.  The ICF work extends far beyond cranes, to the welfare of environments and the occupants thereof—and there are just a lot of organizations out there like that, full of people with vibrancy, energy and decency—with emphasis on decency.

The keeper checked to see if he was an ICF member.  He wasn’t and so he went about correcting that and says that there a lot of people who should consider re-routing some of their self-serving political donations to the birds, or—Kickass suggests, maybe to the dogs waiting in shelters.

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