Kickass deer hunter gun control


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in a corner a few feet from where the keeper writes this, is his deer rifle.  It is a very old 30-30 Winchester carbine, long one of his treasured possessions, and during his hunting years–which ended a long time ago, the keeper killed many deer with it.  Today he offers it up as the symbolic emblem for Wisconsin Deer Hunters for Sensible Gun Control (WDHSGC), an organization that does not exist but has a potential membership of hundreds of thousands of decent, concerned deer-gun owners.   The keeper will sell his 30-30 and the proceeds will be dedicated—in his recently deceased daughter Pat’s name, to assisting in the formation of WDHSGC by fellow deer hunters, all of whom are under no illusion that gun regs will solve the cultural gun saturation problems, but also know that legal controls must be part of a larger, more meaningful approach to the issue.  So, the keeper solicits help, from any quarter, to put his deer rifle back in action, not to deal death but to aim at an awful threat to human life.  Are there existing organizations or individuals willing to take up the cause?  The keeper cannot carry the ball, but in Pat’s name he can blow a whistle to get things started.

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