Kickass defines unity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is working with the keeper to define “unity,” and so far has discarded: “Causing death and destruction by setting the house on fire and then being invited back in by conspiratorial residents.”

Also turned down was, “Inviting a guest to sit back down at the table after he has thrown up on everybody, and done worse to them with other bodily expulsions.”

After only brief consideration, Kickass and the keeper also threw out: “Forgetting four years of abject narcissistic excesses that included racism, homophobia and economic favoritism of the rich, while pretending that none of it occurred, or if it did, it is now all okay.”

Likewise, there was no approval of “unity” defined as: “The unfettered embracing of slack-jawed relatives and friends who were conditioned by lies to believe that Dems eat children, have sex with aliens and are best lynched from tall trees.”

So while great effort was made to say what unity was not, Kickass and the keeper were more challenged to say what it was.  They suggest: “Unity is reviving decency and compassion as the guiding lights of tribal behavior while not being so stupid as to let moral offenders off the hook so they can get back in the house and resume their destructive arson ways.”

(It is unbelievable to the keeper that a despicable narcissist who came within an inch of destroying democracy is not to be held accountable in the views of self-centered Repubs.  He—the keeper, wavers between fury and abiding sadness, and experiences a warped smugness at being too old to last until it all comes crashing down.)








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