Kickass diabetic outrage

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has never had a valid reason for restrained and reasonable expression, and so it is with perverse elation that he calls for those idiots shouting about the evils of socialism to shut their GD mouths and consider the plight of diabetes sufferers who cannot afford their life-sustaining insulin because a cabal of big pharma corps has set the price outrageously high in the interests of corporate profits.  What the hell kind of a tribal organization would allow the fat heads at the top to get fatter on the corpses of the infirmed?  Obviously the same one that allows cow shit in the drinking water, demands a corporate profit for teaching kids how read, discourages health care for the poor, and creates tax structures so the rich get richer–rich enough to literally buy off collective common decency so the tribe sinks farther into the chaotic mire.  The stupidity of others is not our problem here, Kickass says.  As Pogo put it, the problem is us for putting up with it.  It is time to kick ass, big-time, beyond the bounds of reasoned approaches. If rats invade your basement, you don’t get rid of them by polite objection.  You gather the rat terriors and all the rest of the common dogs and you kick the rats asses out, physically if need be.  It is not healthy to ignore outrage, particularly if you are diabetic.

(See for more Kickass and news of the novel MARGARET’S WAR.)

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