Kickass dives into the gruel

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there is an over-the-top irony that on this miserably hot summer day, those members of the tribe who have managed to climb the economic diving board high enough to live on lake-shore property cannot jump in the lake to cool off.  The irony applies as well to those who own boats or even just a swimming suit because nobody wants anything to do with the pools of poisoned, stinking gruel that were once beautiful, clear-water lakes.

So the lake-shore mansion owners with the manicured lawns and the crop growers in the upstream watershed go on about their chemical-use business, and even if they were somehow deterred it would take decades for the lakes to clear up because the bottom silt is so poisoned.

Kickass would love to go for a swim today, but he can’t because there is no clean water.  Most creatures—including pigs, know not to befoul their nests.  Only humans don’t seem to get it, and they think they are way up there on the top step of the evolutionary diving platform.



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