Kickass docking decency

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says in the wake of ending the breakup of immigrant families, the keeper seems to be suffering from something like what a dog feels when its tail gets permanently caught in a screen door and somebody finally opens the door to free up things.  The pain is still there and so is the door and so is the dog’s tail, so there is obvious potential for a repeat.

All of which leads to thoughts of “docking” dogs’ tails as a preventive, and the keeper—determined to ride a metaphor to the bitter end, says this docking translates to the human species as early removal of a capacity for decency.

This “docking” is accomplished by narcissistic handlers with greedy motives who cheer playground bullying and encourage it as a life style.  Kickass thinks that if the keeper had a tail, he probably wouldn’t be wagging it a lot lately.




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