Kickass does a book signing

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be staying home today as the keeper and Phyllis hit the road with their initial dog and pony show for the keeper’s latest book–“Treeson: an APOLOGIA to the trees”– used to make the paper for printing his 35 years of newspaper drivel.

The keeper and Phyllis will be at Drumlin Reserve, an independent living community in Cottage Grove this morning as programmed by Phyllis as a measure to prevent “Treeson” from being banned due to its mention of such people as Ed Gein, Jimmy Carter, Liz Taylor and Pappy Frye.

Book signings are fun and interesting, with the keeper usually getting more out of them than anyone else. They don’t often sell a lot of books but we’re not in the big leagues here–just trying to make friends and exercise the keeper’s writing ego.

“Treeson” is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and from the keeper at $15 plus $4 shipping.


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