Kickass dog in the manger

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that his keeper in making a Sunday afternoon windshield tour of Madison lakes in search of places to fish for bluegills notes the good life for thousands of people having fun in the sunshine in a hundred different ways and the keeper notes also those hundreds of  lakeshore houses where it is pretty obvious the occupants on not welfare recipients, other than maybe on a corporate level.

This is a rich, rich country, the keeper proclaims, and if we do not share its bounty with the rest of the world we are the original dog in the manger, which is an old saying Kickass has never liked.  What the hell was a dog doing in the manger in the first place?

It’s as inane as “Letting the cat out of the bag.”   Can anyone imagine how you could possibly get a cat in a bag?

And can anyone imagine how dumb it is to live in this great country and then put your “head in the sand” so you can’t see the rest of the world, especially when you style your hair in a comb-over that would really soak up the sand, as well as attract nesting crows?

Maybe we can use that “Dog in the manger” one more time.

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