Kickass dogs better than humans

Kickass, the doorstop dog, points out that in the canine world, if a kennel keeper ignored a rabies outbreak until it was widespread and then tried to divert attention from his dereliction by blaming the vet school and the media, he would be diagnosed as having gone mad without dint of a mad-dog bite.

This is just one more example of the superiority of dogs over humans, Kickass says, and reinforces his point by asking which species is paying the bills and picking up the other’s waste and taking it home in little plastic bags?

On the subject of “waste,” Kickass is curious as to just how much permanently damaging bullshit will be tolerated by humans from a White House and administration bent on eliminating decency and handing the wobbly planet over to rich narcissists?

Kickass apologizes for the scatological nature of his rant, but since the keeper and Phyllis are busy relocating from Mazomanie to Madison, there has been a dearth of editorial oversight.

Kickass will not be wearing a mask today to prevent his being mistaken for a human..


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