Kickass dogs in the Pantagraph

Kickass, the doorstop dog, does not shy away from the tough issues, which finds him dealing with a story in the Pantagraph (Central Illinois) newspaper quoting the director of a K-9 academy saying that if recreational pot is legalized “a number” of pot-sniffing dogs will have to be killed.

Well, damn!  That just doesn’t seem right, and further along in the Pantagraph story it says a dog once programmed cannot be reprogrammed, nor can they be “socialized,” which takes the whole business way over the edge and into the realm of  fake news if not downright bullshit!

Speaking for all dogs, most of whom have been “reprogrammed” countless times, Kickass says that Illinois K-9 academy director needs to calm down and maybe try a little weed, or at the very least, follow the keeper’s example of sipping a bit of good brandy.  (If Kickass had a newspaper he would call it The Pantagraph.)

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