Kickass dogs need to vote

Kickass, the doorstop dog, thinks that the way dogs have been more or less drafted into the human activity of so called hunting—“hounding,” is a travesty and he steadfastly refuses to be part of chasing any creature big or small until it runs up a tree to get away from the misery and torment.

Among the absurd things people have done to dogs, this is the worst and ranks way ahead of the humiliation bestowed on the canine world by the Westminster dog show.  Wisconsin has somehow become the lead in this travesty and “hounders” come from all over the country to “train” their hounds when all of the wild world is raising young behind the peaceful green curtain of summer.

The explanation, Kickass says, is in part because Wisconsin voters somehow treed a governor who built a nest up there for himself and his narcissistic cronies, all of whom throw crap down on the populace to do permanent damage to the environment and the state conscience.  Dogs need to vote!



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