Kickass dying like a dog


Kickass, the doorstop dog, cannot resist joining the keeper in commenting on the current phrase “died like a dog” as used by the POTUS in describing the death of al-Baghdadi who was chased into a tunnel by highly trained military dogs, one of which was injured in the exercise.  Regarding dog death in general, thousands of dogs die every day in “shelters” all over the world—thousands more become road-kill, and in Wisconsin a couple dozen hounds are killed every year by wolves protecting their pups. (Wisconsin—the only state that does so, pays the hounds’ owners $2500 for each wolf-killed hound.  Just how this inane dog-death circumstance exists in otherwise decent Wisconsin is a great mystery.)  So the world celebrates al-Baghdadi’s death—the POTUS claiming it was mainly his doing, and life goes on, except for those dogs on the euthanasia list in the “shelters.”  Kickass says it is not the decision of the POTUS to not have a dog in the White House, it the decision of the dogs.

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