Kickass endorses dumbness

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in suggesting that those days between Christmas and New Years take on the official designation of “Dumb days” when dumbness is celebrated collectively and personally as befits its global prominence.

An exchange of dumbness as in the mode of gift-giving will not be necessary as everyone has plenty of innate dumbness and doesn’t need anyone else’s.

With raging wars in a half-dozen locations setting world class examples of dumbness, individual dumbness efforts are challenged to go beyond the commonplace and strive for new levels, perhaps using standards from “utter stupidity,” which is a class beyond “dumbness.”

As a means of celebrating “Dumb days” perhaps competition might be introduced to honor those who have distinguished themselves with outstanding examples of dumbness. Could “Time” magazine get on board with a “Dumb of the year.” Many candidates come to mind.

Now in the middle of “Dumb days,” the keeper will check with Phyllis to see if she can help him come up with identifying an example of his dumbness, if not utter stupidity. Her task will obviously be one of “sorting.”

Happy Dumb Days and may the force be with you!

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