Kickass Evolution of fathering

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper got a recent lesson on the evolution of fathering from his grandson Beau and found that he—the keeper, obviously ranks down somewhere in the category of muskrats, or maybe those birds where the males bring only a limited number of twigs to the nest.

The occasion was the annual Steam and Gas Engine event near Reedsburg where thousands gather to listen to that magical “Huff-Huff” of giant ancient machines and to eat home-made ice cream.  Beau had in tow 4-month old Trevor and almost-4-year old Tyler, and his equipment included a stroller loaded with all the necessities of baby tending.

For almost five hours of hot-sun walking and a chaotic lunch break, Beau juggled it all—including a sometimes-dawdling keeper, with the aplomb that defines the word and left the keeper aghast at remembering that back in his fathering days fathers didn’t even change diapers.  We’ve come a long way, baby!  Except for the keeper, of course.



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