Kickass Evolution

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, not often accused of deep thinking, says he has been mulling over the more obvious signs of evolution and the advance of civilization and makes the following comparisons:

  1. Gor sitting around cave sharpening spears to kill tribe on other side of hill—Dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb in history.
  2. Gor clubbing woman over the head and dragging her into cave—Men denying women the rights to regulate their reproductive lives.
  3. Gor hitting a rock with a stick—golf
  4. Gor eating piece of raw mammoth —Dining on rare T-bone at Outback
  5. Gor’s mate going comfortably barefoot—Women wearing high-heeled shoes
  6. Gor drawing animal images on cave walls—Animated movies.
  7. Gor believing in the supernatural—Easter
  8. Gor prohibiting clubs in family venues—Guns everywhere.
  9. Gor committed to daft leader—America!

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