Kickass examines beliefs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in seeing this season of believing in Santa among other things—some serious and some otherwise, as a good time to examine their own respective beliefs.   First off, Kickass believes in steak bones, digging holes and marking territory, even though he is made of cast iron and thus pretty much confined to his place by the deck door.

The keeper, apparently permanently in a state of belief juggling, has reduced things down to a minimum, and the list kicks off with gravity.  He definitely believes in gravity–even though nobody has actually seen it– having recently fallen on his ass and incurred several painful bruises.  Of course, the keeper believes in global warming and tries to do his part to slow it down by joining Kickass in relaxing in direct sunshine as much as possible and taking shelter from the wind on the lea side of park benches that overlook scenic vistas.

And the keeper believes that most people are basically decent, but way too many of them will sell their decency and replace it with greed if the price is right; and therein is the current serious threat to the well-being of us all. But the keeper also believes in the wisdom of Alfa females and can’t wait until there are enough of them in place to throw the bums out and revamp things so everyone has the same size soup bowl, or dog dish, as it were.

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