Kickass exercise for Cedar Waxwings

Kickass, the doorstop dog, using his special powers of communication with all life forms, put it to use this morning as the keeper was doing his morning exercise routine and a large flock of cedar waxwings landed in the big oak outside the window:

First Cedar Waxwing:  “He’s pedaling a bike that doesn’t even have wheels!  He will never get anywhere.”

2nd CW: “Look! He is trying to fly—moving his arms as if they were wings.  But he is hanging on to those heavy weights.  He will never get off the ground.”

3rd CW: “Oh, now he is trying to incubate that big soft green egg by sitting down on it and then getting right back up.  It will never hatch!

4th CW: “What we are witnessing is the pitiful and absurd machinations of a species that often spends great effort to get nowhere, regularly gets involved in things that don’t get off the ground, and is very prone to making a complete circus out of hatching its young.”

5th CW: “Is there any hope for them?”

6th CW: “Very little, especially the one we are looking at who wants to lose a few ponds but refuses to give up his nightly brandy and wine.”

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