Kickass face of friends

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the mish-mash of commercialism, phoniness and, outright boorishness that Facebook is becoming when all most people want is a look at a distant grandchild or an update on Grandma’s health or even Uncle Ralph’s outrageous political rants, that unfortunate trend has the keeper yearning for the era of postcards and snapshots.

There is also the bastardization of what it means to be a “friend,” to say nothing of the groping for Facebook popularity.  In this vein, a “friend” invitation the keeper automatically made was recently aborted by somebody who said any post that started with “Kickass” harked to the issue of domestic violence he had worked for years to alleviate and he wanted no part of such a thing.

Maybe Kickass should be sad about this—about losing a friend he never had, and being associated with something as awful as domestic violence.  But he isn’t. He figures it takes all kinds, and if you doubt that take a look at Facebook.




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