Kickass fathers day pedestal

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has his own take on fatherhood, but defers to the keeper as he—the keeper, proclaims Fathers Day as the time when the rest of the family boosts father up onto a greased pedestal while knowing full well that he will inevitably slip off, maybe even before the day is out.  There is a lot to be said about fathers, much of it by mothers with an eye toward improvement, according to the keeper.  He adds that being a father is putting all family priorities ahead of your own, but reserving a corner of the garage where you can occasionally retreat to build bird houses.

For his part, Kickass says the miraculous thing about fatherhood is how in all cases it produces perfect “puppies” that each father loves and protects, even when some of them chew up the furniture and resist housebreaking.

Kickass and the keeper wish everyone a happy Fathers’ Day from atop the greased pedestal!


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