Kickass final post for Pat

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in the wake of the sudden death of the keeper’s daughter Pat, life goes on.  And it does, of course, but it is never the same.  As a loved one so seemingly robust and immune from the final clutches was plucked so suddenly from their midst, the keeper and his clan are left with an emptiness that cannot be filled.  There is an inclination to self pity, to claim such a cruel loss as yours, when in reality it belongs to everyone: family members, friends, co-workers, everyone Pat’s very full life touched, and she touched them all in her own special way.  The greater loss may be to Pat’s grandsons Tyler and Trevor who are too young to grasp the concept of death, but will now be deprived of the boundless love of a doting grandmother.  Kickass and the keeper will try to move on now to other matters in the daily rant, knowing that Pat would want it that way.  But this one today is for you, Pat: goddamnit, we miss you!

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