Kickass fine day for fools

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is a fine morning to never mind the Foxy Con job that Walker thinks will ensure his continued destruction of Wisconsin—we and our grandchildren will be paying the $3 billion “incentive” cost to get the “robot” factory in the State, assuming Foxy Con makes good on its promises, which it doesn’t often do.  In the meantime ALL environmental protections are about to be lifted so Foxy Con can do the sort of thing that has made it possible for business interests to turn Kewaunee County’s water into cow-manure cocktails.

Kickass also wonders if Wisconsin citizens realize they are paying state lawyers, including the AG, to oppose an attempt to eliminate the outrage of Gerrymandering?

Then President Tramp gives a speech to the police in support of police brutality.  Like the Boy Scouts, the Police are apologizing for him.

But it’s a fine day out there.  Let’s do something decent, like say hello to a stranger.



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