Kickass first day of spring

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be marking the first day of Spring the same way dogs mark their territory; and he would point out to the Repubs that this technique is a lot cheaper than building a wall, and has been widely and cruelly demonstrated by their orange-haired Alpha-ass in his treatment of those who need assistance with shelter, sustenance and health, not to mention his polluting of science, cultural intelligence, basic decency and compassion.

Kickass is coming to the point—even though he is not a pointer, that this endless whining and yapping about what a jerk we have elected as president is getting old and something more is required before we all follow the dumb narcissist off the cliff.

How about using the loophole in the foreign hiring law now being put into play by corporations to replace Americans with cheaper foreign labor? (60-minutes last night)  Kickass suggests we give the orange-haired dingo a termination notice and talk to John Cleese, or maybe George Carlin who would certainly come back from whatever foreign place he has gone to just to save our sanity.


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