Kickass five gals for a dollar

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes the glee being expressed at the price of gasoline dropping to less than $2, and, as usual listening to the keeper expound on the good ol’ days when he—the keeper remembers gas at five gallons for a dollar.  As one who worked in a “filling” station in those days, he says that for that one dollar you also got ALL your windows washed, your oil checked, battery serviced and tire pressure adjusted.  The keeper remembers a driver who pulled up to the pumps just after a pheasant had flown fatally into his windshield, leaving an assortment of internal organs and lots of blood and sticky feathers over a good portion of the car.  The driver requested a windshield wash, which was a little like cleaning up on chicken butchering day, and then drove off and said he might be back for gas later in the week.

So, gas at $2 a gallon!  Big deal!  You have to pump it yourself and if you somehow get pheasant guts on your windshield, good luck with getting some gas merchant’s lackey to clean things up.  At Quik Trip the lackey’s are trained to say, “See you next time.”  The keeper said he had no such customer training, but distinctly remembers that even back in the 5 for $1 days, you could still call someone a cheap SOB, especially if you were mightily contaminated with pheasant gore and the boss wasn’t listening.



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