Kickass fleas of racism

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says racism results from whatever you are exposed to, as in a pup picking up fleas from its parents or neighborhood mutts.  If you are fortunate, you somehow get treated for the infestation and you live a normal, decent dog’s life, otherwise you go through life scratching at itches you think are better than the ones suffered by different colored dogs.

Racism makes no sense, and the keeper, like many of his contemporaries, can take no credit for a general racial indifference, having been born and raised in an all-white, agrarian community.

Then there was his black Army friend from Chicago—Bob Shepherd, who for more than 30 years was a close family friend, and a valuable partner in cultural exchanges and entertainment, with racism never becoming any kind of an itch.  Kickass says everyone should be so lucky.



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