Kickass Football as Religion

Kickass, the doorstop dog, said the sun is “taking a knee” now as it moves its daily departure over behind the ridge of hills to the southwest, and thus sinks out of sight earlier than seems necessary.  It is, however, a constant and it will be back, unlike those involved in the epidemic of “knee takers” who have sadly become enmeshed in yet one more absurdity involving the NFL

Just how a handful of billionaires managed to warp the culture into building them incredibly expensive stadiums (churches) so the masses could gather to watch muscular young men mash their brains as the billionaires amassed even more billions, this is the football- as- religion-Godell- as- god mind boggler of the ages.

The keeper says it is time to borrow Ron Reagan’s exercise of religious rejection and not be “afraid of burning in hell.”

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