Kickass gender bias

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, having spent most of his life mired in the abject ignorance and arrogance of a male dominated culture, reports that his experience at a dental office this morning was yet one more demonstration of the absurdity of gender bias.  Perhaps simply acknowledging the situation continues the insult, but what can you do with an old and former male chauvinist pig?

So, Debbie cleaned the mouth-house and then Betsy and Whitney got out the tools and sawed off an old bridge and pulled a deeply rooted and infected molar and Jean figured out the bill and the keeper was out of there, pain free, in less than an hour.

Maybe men could have done the job, the keeper says, but not with the same elan and efficiency.  So accuse him of pandering to the ladies: The keeper doesn’t give a damn.  He loves them all and wants then to know it.


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