Kickass gets deflated

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has taken on a new mission in life: to eliminate all inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments.  This comes about after a bout of seasonal depression that had no apparent cause until Kickass and the keeper—both as cheerful as they ever get, drove past a large lawn covered with deflated Santa Claus and snowmen figures, and both of them—the keeper and Kickass suddenly felt as if the air had gone out of their respective psyches.

The keeper muttered that a line must be drawn somewhere and it is important to have personal standards and if you do not participate in community activities, especially during the holiday season, well, what good are you!

So it is down with the ubiquitous shapeless heaps of colored plastic on thousands of lawns, and if Kickass sees any of those inflatables still inflated, he will bite holes in them while the keeper cheers him on and looks for a lawn with a natural snowman to revive deflated spirits.

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