Kickass gets historical


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper spent part of Sunday talking to the Dane County Historical Society in the promotion of his novel Margaret’s War, and came away with an appreciation for the members’ dedication to official remembering, but wondering if there isn’t some way to increase the value of remembering by applying it to current outrages.  On the same weekend the Society met, there was a gathering in Green Bay where the occupant of the White House told his 10,000th lie—by actual official count, stating, among other things, that Wisconsin mothers and doctors killed babies, and that Glen Grothman was a champion tree climber, which is noteworthy in light of Grothman’s efforts to outlaw the Black heritage Kwanzaa holiday.  So as history was made and celebrated on a recent weekend, Kickass, in his dog-warped mentality suggests that there needs to be a more direct connection to the past and the present, perhaps some expansion of the dogs’ inclination to express their feelings by peeing on things.  The keeper and his “civilized” ilk could not do that, of course, but if the  citizens don’t come up with something soon to bend the obtuse direction of things, future historians are going to be citing the obituaries of decency, compassion, common sense, fairness and freedom.

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