kickass gets married

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be resting up today from his duties when the keeper and Phyllis transformed Phyllis’s birthday party yesterday into a surprise engagement which lasted for a few seconds after which they were married in a ceremony presided over by the keeper’s grandson Steve, who, is qualified to do weddings but not other ceremonies such as, baptisms, which is too bad since Steve’s wife Lindsey is expecting their second child.  The keeper and Phyllis say they do not plan to have children, as the ones they had in earlier marriages with others, still provide about as much excitement, worry, stress and fun as is healthy for newlyweds in their age group.  There are no honeymoon plans, but the keeper said he might take Phyllis to Lodi—Wisconsin, not California, and introduce her to Susie the duck, the village mascot.  Phyllis and the keeper will continue their work of promoting Phyllis’s photo art and the keeper’s novel, Margaret’s War.  They also plan to co-author a book entitled, “Damn the years, if you’ve still got it, get some more.”

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