Kickass gets new tires

Kickass, the doorstop dog, goes along with the keeper in more or less ignoring the big picture and celebrating the positive things in life on a more personal scale—the things he can do something about.

So it is with a certain satisfaction, if not smugness that the keeper announces that he and Phyllis have a new set of tires on their three-year-old vehicle and look forward to another 30 thousand miles of trouble-free travel back and forth to medical appointments and grocery stores.

In the face of wars, political insanity, global demise and the orange outlaw, the keeper equates his “new tire” euphoria to previous experiences of being delighted with new shoes to the point of forgetting where he was going.

While proudly displaying new shoes to others is relatively simple, the keeper extends an invitation to anyone who would like to see his and Phyllis’s new tires to give him a call anytime.

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