Kickass girls and veal calves

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper marvels at the intelligence and poise of the young people who are calling out the adults for tolerating an inane cultural gun saturation that has 100 people killed by guns each day, some of them in school massacres.  Thinking back to when he was that age, the keeper’s big emotional challenge was trying to date girls using a farm-family car that was also used to haul stinky veal calves to market.

The young people of today, asking for nothing more than “common sense” gun controls, are rightfully insulted by the likes of Trump and Wis AG Schimel who say the answer is to arm the teachers.

Applying that absurd logic to the keeper’s youthful problem, he should have tried to date girls who smelled like veal calves.  Is it any wonder the young people have more or less had it!



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