Kickass gives Alabama advice

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper received his Army basic training in Alabama (Camp Rucker) and volunteered to go to a shooting war to get out of there.  It was probably not Alabama as much as the Minnesota National Guard that had been activated to train soldiers for Korea that instigated the desire to “See the world.”  There was a Corporal Dormier from New Ulm who yelled at us loudly and constantly if we didn’t do right.

There was some absurdity to the whole thing—basic training and all, but nothing to compare with the orange-haired idiot going to Florida’s panhandle with his admitted pussy-grabbing reputation and yelling across the state border  for the Alabama citizens to vote for a child molesting ding-dong.

Corporal Dormier, if you are still around, get your ass down there and see if you can yell some right (and left) into the Alabama voters.





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