Kickass God’s impeachment comb-over

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his unlimited ability to hear all things recently tuned in to a conversation between two of the Heavenly heavy weights.

Moses:  Where’s the Old Man.

Peter: I think He went to something called a prayer breakfast.

Moses: Damn! He’s off on this tangent again.

Peter: What tangent?

Moses: He has this impression that He is going to be impeached!  Frankly I think we may be dealing with late onset dementia.  He keeps asking me if we have anyone on staff named Mueller?

Peter: Impeach God!  I don’t think so.  I heard the Old Man went to the prayer breakfast because there was a guy there who thinks he is God and he has this really funny hairdo that the Old Man wanted to check out.

Moses: I hope He doesn’t want to change His hair style.  There are so many images out there that would have to be changed, some of them in stained glass.

Peter: Yeah, and can you imagine the complaining from the hair angels if he wanted to do some kind of a comb-over!

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