Kickass goes into space

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on the keeper’s contention that even the dullest human observers must conclude that billionaires flying off into space means that eventually the rich one-percenters—having destroyed planet Earth for profit, will occupy other planets while most of the populace will ride an uninhabitable Earth into oblivion.

It will be the ultimate version of the Repub’s “trickle down,” whereby the unfair material division prevailing on Earth goes into space and ignores Earth’s human suffering.  Crudely put, it will make it possible for narcissistic MAGA idiots and McConnell-type obstructionists to continue to pee on the populace on a galactic scale.

As the keeper moves ever closer to the head of the recycling line, he finds it increasingly tough to be complacent about what appears to be the epidemical rise of greed, inhumanity and stupidity.  Celebrating the accomplishments of Bezos and Branson is akin to cheering a locked food truck as it speeds nonstop through vast areas of homelessness and starvation.

Kickass notes that when a dog gets a bone too big to bury, other dogs take it away and chew on it; and there could never be any such thing as a space “dog in the manger.”

But that is dogs: they are superior.







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