Kickass goes political

Kickass, the doorstop dog, failing in his efforts to keep the keeper out of politics, turns it over to the Jan. 26, NYT and the front-page story under the headline: “Judicial Race May Alter Tilt Of Wisconsin,” and the subhead: “Abortion Rights and Voter Maps at Stake.”

The article’s lead is: “In 10 weeks, Wisconsin will hold an election that carries bigger policy stakes than any other contest in America in 2023.”

What follows is a thorough look at the narcissistic, arrogant Wisconsin minority-representative government, kept in place for years by a right-leaning state supreme court that approves of the unfairly- drawn legislative maps.

The April 4 election for a seat on the state supreme court could tilt the court to the liberal side, putting it in synch with the citizen majority and restoring the basic sense of decency and humanitarianism that once characterized Wisconsin government.

There is, of course, the danger that big money like that from the Uihlein “plantation” billionaires will buy the court seat as has happened in the past. (It can only be hoped that the justices will not revive the days of physically manhandling each other in their decision making.)

The keeper and Phyllis have a distant view of the State Capital from their Vista West home, and while prevailing west winds have tended to spare them the Repub money stench emanating from there in recent years, they will be doing what they can to fumigate the place through the April election.


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