Kickass goes to a ball

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries not to get too excited about inaugural balls, or any other kind of balls, gala or game oriented or even personal, given that his, like the rest of him are made of cast iron.  The keeper says he would try to attend Tony Ewers’ Wisconsin inaugural ball but he has no formal wear unless you count his Carhartt coveralls.  He—the keeper, would like to be at the “swearing in” which will replace the “swearing at’ of the past couple of inaugurations.  Then there will be a formal ball instead of a bawl as was the case when Walker assumed office, and the keeper, known for his crushed-toes dancing technique, would like to attend that too. Walker says he intends to travel the state and speak on behalf of the narcissistic idiot in the White House.  The keeper says this is like a neutered poodle–one that does not have its rabies shot, roaming around snapping at the residual stink of Republican farts, and barking up the wrong tree.  The only thing better than the changing of the guard in Madison, would be a similar event in Washington, accompanied by a great chasing of misogynistic fat tom cats by a huge pack of  irate mutts, most of them smart and able bitches.

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