Kickass goes to a game


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports sending the keeper to report on the astounding fact that on a mid-August afternoon—a work-day, in 2019, almost 42,000 people gathered in a roofed enclosure in Milwaukee and sat for four hours watching young men play a game.  That the outcome of the game saw the “home” team come from behind to nail down a victory late in the proceedings meant that almost all of the 42,000 stayed until the very end.  Included were the keeper—who is really not a big sports fan; Tony, Ned and Dan, who are big fans—their minds being cluttered with arcane sports lore going back decades.  This spectacle of Americana engaged in frivolous enjoyment on a summer afternoon serves as reassurance that all is not lost.  The keeper, in his habit of making nothing out of something, suggests that in the big on-going political game, everyone needs to keep their seats: it may be in the late innings, with hope seemingly lost, but there is still a chance that the home team of decency and common sense will prevail.

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