Kickass goes to a play

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper joined Roger Howard as guests of Harry Peterson at last night’s American Players Theatre production of “The Royale,” and is now qualified to make the following comments:

         *Playwrights like Marco Ramirez use awesome talent and tools to convey their messages.

         *The portrayal of the struggle of the real Black 1910 World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson to prevail in a highly racist world is both stimulating and depressing.

         *With the keeper’s inclination to forget a name within seconds of hearing it, the ability of Jamal James and other cast members to remember 90 minutes of dialogue is incredibly impressive.

         *Given the subject of sports, old men can converse beyond the subject of their aches and pains.

         *With friends like Harry there may be a slim hope that the keeper’s general rate of eutrophication will be slowed enough to get him through to another Groundhogs Day.

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