Kickass goes to a wedding

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper will be off in another state “assisting” in one of those summer rituals that interferes with trout fishing, and is commonly known as a wedding.  Though just how his assistance will manifest itself is up for grabs—perhaps he might be propped in a corner as an exhibit of having survived matrimonial ups and downs until he was banned from the game under age requirements.

Weddings are designed for the young—brimming with optimism and kicking the world around as if it were a soccer ball: and they can really have no idea of the rewards of a great marriage or the woes of one not so great.

Natalie and Elliot, however, are above this fray, and if any newlyweds ever knew what they were doing, it would be the two of them. Kickass says for them to kick hell out of the old soccer ball while everyone shouts, “GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!”



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