Kickass goes to the bank

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is not much help to the keeper as he–the keeper polishes up his sociological thesis: “The Coronavirus Bank Robbing Age.”  Born out of the fact that most of the population is now masked to look like bank robbers, and a goodly number of them see fit to carry guns, the keeper’s thesis explores the cultural impact of all of this, as well as the frustration of not knowing just who you are talking to and wondering if might be your son-in-law behind the mask, or maybe the pizza delivery guy, even though he may not be carrying pizza.

It turns out, of course, that the masked populace has no plans to rob the banks, but the same cannot be said of the banks’ plans for the populace.  There is, in fact, every intention by the banks to leave in place all those provisions that support the perpetuation and growth of wealth concentrated with the one percent while the masked multitudes can’t afford a pot to pee in.

Noting how the bankers were bailed out back in 2008 when their greed portended disaster, the keeper’s thesis will also cover how home foreclosure, vehicle re-possession and personal bankruptcy works for those who lost their jobs in the coronavirus pandemic.  These procedures are, of course, money-makers for the banks.

So were things better back when wearing a mask into a bank meant big trouble, or now when the banks won’t let you in unless you are wearing a mask?  The keeper doesn’t know and neither does Kickass.




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