Kickass goes to the winery

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis, in a desperate attempt to survive March 2019 went to a tasting at the Botham Winery near Barneveld and one of the things they discovered has thrown Kickass into such a funk that he may not recover.  While Kickass does not like to dwell on the fact that cats, with their smug attitude about such things as litter boxes and egress to all of the soft furniture, may have things figured out better than the dogs, never has he heard of such an overt demonstration of this as when the keeper reported that there was a black cat actually living in the Botham Winery’s tasting quarters!  Damn cats!  How do they come up with these incredibly clever ways of enhancing their useless lives!!!!  They can’t—or won’t, even fetch a tennis ball!  It may or may not be true that the keeper asked the Botham people if he could spend the rest of the 2019 winter in the winery, but in any case, the black cat apparently lolls about the tasting room in various postures of feline superiority, and that makes Kickass feel like a, well, like a dumb dog.  It is a sad verity, but that is the way it is: the best chance for surviving this winter, as the damn black cat deduced, is to get ye to a winery.

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