Kickass goes to war with gun issue

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says if young people want to move the adults on a gun issue that impacts the young they should think WAR.  History shows that the adults, usually the older, are prone to get into wars for all kinds of reasons, and they—the adults then immediately hand guns to the young people and order them to go shoot young people from other places.  Millions of guns—some of them very big, are involved.

The keeper and millions of others have willingly participated in this gun drill, which, over the centuries, has resulted in countless millions of young people never having the opportunity to become adults.

So if the absurd gun saturation in the US is to be changed it must be viewed in terms of war, with a role reversal in which the young draft the adults to do the fighting.  And what if the adults refuse to do their duty?  Well, that’s treason, and that has historically involved firing squads, which was once deemed a proper use of guns.  That may be too extreme for this day and age, so perhaps it would be better to simply brand the draft-dodging adults on the forehead with the Scarlet Letter “A”, which will stand for Ass or Asshole or Abomination or……

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